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QERT® is a patented (US Patent # 7,011,625) computer software technology. It provides enhanced imaging software for diagnosing and tracking the progression of diseases.QERT® creates two-dimensional maps of a tubular structure (e.g. the esophagus) being viewed through an endoscope, improving the ability to accurately measure the area of abnormal development. Ideally suited for monitoring the natural history of disease as well as the efficacy of new treatments (drugs, ablation), QERT® can be implemented in real time or post-treatment and has greater consistency than human pathology readings.

QERT® translates and maps the structure that is captured in an endoscopic image using an algorithm to quantify the area of abnormal involvement,QERT® allows for a more precise measurement of the disease for diagnosis, progression monitoring and treatment evaluation by converting the distorted endoscopic image to a 2 dimensional image that is measurable. QERT® has been used in three clinical trials with over 200 individual patients and 500 endoscopies with no complications. It is a rapid, efficient, precise and replicable method of analyzing structures.

Conceptually, QERT® translates any cylinder-like structure (e.g. an esophagus, colon, blood vessel, pipeline, etc.) into a planar one where surface anomalies can be better visualized and analyzed.

Graphic Section

Schematic of esophagus sectioning


Translation of Barrett’s Esophagus Lesion


Translation and stacking of multiple images

Currently, we are seeking a licensing arrangement involving the patent to make, use, manufacturer, market, and distribute

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